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Food & Fund Drives 2020

Eshan, Elia, Roman & Khalil's First Birthday Giving

The Gift of Giving to Commemorate 1st Birthday

Dear Family & Friends,

The Welji, Gillani, Malik & Sultan families are fortunate to have the opportunity to commemorate Khalil,
Elia, Roman and Eshan's 1st Birthday. We are partnering to create a collective effort to serve
our society and improve the lives of children by raising funds and awareness to
increase access to food for healthy developing minds!

At the Shia Ismaili Jamatkhana Early Childhood Center, our children have learned the importance of generosity, of kindness and our duty to serve mankind through the actions of Prophet Muhammad, Mawlana
Hazar Imam and his family. In addition, they have learned about the Islamic motivation from the
Quran which says, 'to save one life is as if to save all of humanity'. As such, our children are
dedicating their FIRST birthday to raising funds to donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank as it
is facing a sharp increase in community demands during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Nourishing food is the most basic need for our vulnerable neighbors. More kids, parents, and seniors in
our community are going hungry as a result of this crisis. Those who were already struggling
face even greater challenges — not only to be fed, but to stay healthy.  Your gift at this time is urgently needed and will help us:

- Purchase emergency food to support increased food distributions across our network
- Partner with schools to feed families who have lost access to school meals
- Provide food boxes to homebound, at-risk seniors who can't leave home to purchase groceries
- Deploy mobile food pantries to high-need areas of our community

We hope you will support the kids in their first service to mankind project and help build their first birthday memory by showing them the power of collective service. We hope you enjoy the kids' artistic expressions and messages as they personally try to raise funds for the Birthday Giving Drive!


Please donate if you are able...you may do so directly on the ACFB page.

On behalf of Eshan, Elia, Roman & Khalil
Eshan, Elia, Roman & Khalil's First Birthday Giving Raised
Amynah Welji $2,255.00
Elia Gillani $1,066.00
Roman Malik $865.00
Eshan Sultan $2,205.00
Team Gifts $501.00
Denotes a Team Captain