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Welcome to My Food & Fund Page

Dear Family & Friends,

This year we have teamed up to share one fundraising drive to recognize Elia Noor’s 1st Birthday, as a result of the current pandemic and the greater need to provide access to food, particularly for children.

At the Shia Ismaili Jamatkhana Early Childhood Center, Elia has learned the importance of generosity, of kindness and our duty to serve mankind through the actions of Prophet Muhammad, Mawlana Hazar Imam Aga Khan and his family. In addition, she has learned about the Islamic motivation from the Quran which says, 'to save one life is as if to save all of humanity'. As such, we would like to dedicate this year's Birthday service activity to raising funds to donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank as it is facing a sharp increase in community demands during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

The IMPACT of your dollar goes a long way:

-Every $1 you donate provides up to 4 meals
-Each dollar donated is able to generate $9 worth of groceries
-23.4% of children in the ACFB's service area lack enough food for a healthy living.

These are challenging times for many. If you CAN donate, please donate...no amount is too small! You may do so directly on this page.



Elia Noor Gillani