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496mi for $496 - aka 1,984 meals!

If I make through Day 31 - Let’s feed Atlanta! 

I took on a running challenge I saw called The Calendar Club Challenge- you run the number of miles corresponding with the date every day of the month. 31 days in May, so if I make it through the end, let’s make my leg pain worth it! In total, this will be 496 Miles’s I’ve run this month. If you donate a dollar for every mile I run, you can give 1,984 to this city! I’m going to do my job, I’d love it if you showed me support by donating incense I’ve finished. 

Here is what Atlanta Comminity Food Bank will use the money for: 
  • Purchase emergency food to support increased food distributions across our network
  • Partner with schools to feed families who have lost access to school meals
  • Provide food boxes to homebound, at-risk seniors who can't leave home to purchase groceries
  • Deploy mobile food pantries to high-need areas of our community