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Belize Kosoko Eagle Scout Project Food Drive

Eagle Scout Food Drive

My name is Belize Kosoko and I am a member of Boy Scout Troop 77 in Atlanta, Georgia.  My last step before becoming an Eagle Scout is to complete a project where I have to manage, orgainze and execute a plan. I wanted to do something that was meaningful and would really help someone out in need.

As I researched different ideas I came across story after story on how the Corona Virus is impacting tons of communities.  More kids, parents, and seniors in our community are going hungry due to this ongoing crisis. Those who were already struggling face even more significant challenges — not only to be fed but to stay healthy. Nourishing food is the most basic need for our vulnerable neighbors and anyone can help with just a simple donation.

That is how I came across the Atlanta Community Food Bank and wanted to partner with them to give back and help them with a food drive.  For every one tax-deductible dollar you give, they can provide hungry neighbors with enough food for 4 meals.

Starting the new year by giving back is a fantastic way to check off one of your resolutions. I think being able to see families and people that you help just by donating is something everyone needs to do at least once in their lives. So if it's $1 or $100, I appreciate you all for taking the time to consider donating.

I have no clue what the future holds, but we know your kindness is needed right now. Thank you!Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to see what this was all about. I am super excited to see what we can accomplish if we all put our minds together.