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Getting Through The Summer

For some children, summer vacation from school lasts up to 90 days. But when nearly 40% of children in our service area count on school-provided meals, 90 days is too long to worry about when they will have their next meal. In our 29-county service area, 1 in 9 people including 1 in 7 children are affected by food insecurity.


·       School Breakfast – With too many kids going to school hungry, we partner with schools to encourage a healthy start every morning with improved food access and choices.

·       Help provide nutritious meals for parents and children. Your efforts make an enormous difference in the amount and variety of foods we are able to provide for people facing summer hunger.

·       We are committed to helping kids get the nutrition they need throughout the year and during times of increased need like the summer months when school is out.


You can help get food to kids and their families- so they can be nourished and healthy through the summer.