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In-Person and Virtual Event: Sunday, March 12, 2023
In-Person Event at The Home Depot Backyard
Event Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Hunger Walk Run 2023 Atlanta Community Food Bank


Enough To Share Food Pantry

Tean Captains--As Salaam Alaikum

Your spirit of "let's do all we can to involve believers in this campaign to provide relief for the less fortunate" is made visible. The Enough to Share teams SURPASSED OUR $6,000.00 GOAL. Much gratitude is extended to ten of the 12 original team captains! We have one of those teams that is short by $320 from reaching their team goal. We ask for everyones help. Nonetheless total monies raised by each team will be isa acknowleged soon.

HOWEVER, the campaign--Hunger Walk/Run regretfully ends March 10. Tee shirts should be picked up at the race on Sunday, March 10. Donations on the hand can be made throughout this month (March).

Our participation in Hunger Walk Run will go a long way towards helping the Atlanta Community Food Bank provide hunger relief across greater Atlanta and north Georgia; and to directly help E2S provide healthy foods to our clients in the East Atlanta communities.
There are hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia who need help putting food on the table -- thank you for giving your very best effort to solve this problem.

With much respect and admiration

Your sister in the deed,

Linda Abdul-Azeez

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