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In-Person and Virtual Event: Sunday, March 10, 2024
In-Person Event at The Home Depot Backyard
Event Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Fundraising Made Easy

Easy tips and ideas to help you reach your goal


Get started early…

  • Register online today!  In addition to the registration fee, consider making an additional donation. This will show others that you’re excited about supporting local hunger relief.  You can also challenge your friends, family, and coworkers to match your personal contribution or, even better, to surpass it!
  • After you’ve registered, customize your personal or team page. Add an inspirational note, your own photo, or stories to inspire others to support your efforts and help feed neighbors in need.  
  • Use your participant center!  We’ve drafted some quick and easy email messages for you to send out or customize if you’d like.  Make sure to send emails to everyone you know.  Ask them for any amount…every little bit helps!  Ask them to join your team and walk or run with you.
  • Set your goal higher than the suggested minimum, as the average participant often raises 2 ½ times the minimum and many far exceed their own expectations.  Always try to collect your donations up front so you don’t have to ask for them a second time.  It’s much easier to collect in person, if you happen to be together.
  • Ask one person every day to make a donation or join your team! 


Team up!

  • There is strength in numbers. You’ll have more fun and success!  Form or join a team and you’ll have a support network working together toward a common goal. Teams are a great way to have fun, build deeper relationships, enjoy friendly competition, build teamwork with your co-workers, and achieve your goals. Together, you can make a huge impact against hunger.


Spread the word! 

  • Use your social network!  Make sure to include a link to your personal or team fundraising page in every post about the Hunger Walk Run.  Also send out regular status updates on your fundraising efforts so others can support you and cheer you on for doing such great work. Post thank you messages to supporters; it’s important to thank everyone that is supporting you. Connect with us on:
  • Download promotional materials from the “Tools” section of the Hunger Walk Run website.  We have event brochures, customizable posters, flyers, a team/personal thermometer, donations tracking template, and more.  *Many of these materials are already printed and available upon request as well. Please contact hungerwalk@acfb.org to request printed materials, subject to availability. 
  • Help educate your potential supporters or team members about Hunger Walk Run, how it benefits neighbors facing hunger in our community, and why you’re personally participating. You’re taking the next step and want them to join you!  Include a link to your personal page or the event website (www.hungerwalkrun.org) in your email signature.
  • If your neighborhood or community has a newsletter (print or online), send a note to the editor and request they include a mention of the event and/or link to your team URL so your neighbors can learn about it and support you!


Ask everyone you know!

  • The more people you ask, the more you’ll be able to raise.  Ask everyone you know and ask often!  Even people from out of state can support you, and will be interested in your efforts for positive change.
  • Suggest a minimum donation amount. Keep the amount reasonable but shoot high, because if donors don’t want to contribute that amount they’ll most likely contribute less.  Typically people who are asked for a specific amount either opt to support at that level or below, but rarely above it.  Remember every little bit counts and has impact! 
  • Make sure to follow up with everyone that you’ve asked.  On average, it takes two or three emails for people to remember to support you (we’ve all been there…we get busy and keep meaning to -- give them the opportunity to help feed those in need.)  And remember, a “no” response will happen.  Keep a positive attitude! Fundraising isn’t always easy but “yes” responses will surely follow, and boy do they feel good. Don’t give up -- we need your support now more than ever. 
  • Remember that you’re not asking for donations for yourself. This is an effort to support local hunger relief.  The money you are collecting will go directly to support programs providing local hunger relief for families, children, and seniors in need of food assistance.  
  • Typically an in-person ask is even more effective than an email or phone call. 


Get your employer involved!

  • Ask your employer to get involved by forming a team or supporting your efforts.  Start by asking your supervisor or HR department to see if you can publicize your efforts at work.  Many companies love events like Hunger Walk Run because they strengthen team dynamics and build corporate awareness to the general public. Company teams often create their own branded t-shirts or hats, or offer incentives to employees who participate. 
  • Double your impact! Check to see if your employer will match your gift, and encourage your team or supporters to do the same. Then simply follow the directions to obtain and submit the appropriate matching gift verification form. If your company doesn't appear in the search, inquire with your HR Department anyway. The Hunger Walk Run is a project of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, thus all donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Tax ID/EIN Number is: 58-1376648. You can request a copy of our 501(c)3 letter or W-9 by emailing hungerwalk@acfb.org or calling 404-892-3333 x1236.
  • If you don’t already have a “casual Friday” opportunity at work, ask your employer if you can offer your fellow employees an opportunity to make a donation towards the cause, so they can wear jeans on a Friday. 


One Week to $500...it’s easy! 

Day 1.  Register online, then make a personal donation of $25 to jump start your fundraising and show people you mean business!  
Day 2.  Ask 2 family members for $25. They can elect to simply donate or even better, participate on your team. 
Day 3.  Ask 5 friends to donate $15. 
Day 4.  Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you for $10 each. (And don't forget to ask your employer about a matching gift program!)
Day 5.  Email 15 contacts (personal or professional) and ask for a $10 donation.
Day 6.  Ask your employer for a $75 contribution towa#rds the cause.
Day 7.  Ask two businesses you frequent or vendors you often engage for a $25 donation.